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Prevention Is Better Than Treating and Know Symptoms of Disease Cataract

Know Disease Cataract
Prevent Disease Cataract Information about Disease Cataract
Know the Symptoms and Prevent Disease Cataract
Prevention Is Better Than Treating, Know Symptoms of Disease Cataract

In this article Next Siooon will discuss about Disease Cataract, Information includes Understanding - Symptoms - And How to Prevent Disease Cataract.

Disease Cataract - is a condition where there is a buildup of protein in the eyes, especially the lens of the eye, which makes the vision disturbed. Looks like white that covers part of the eyepiece. Cataracts cause refraction of light through the lens so that it does not focus on the retina, which in turn the vision will look foggy like seeing smoke and loss of vision. If left unchecked it will certainly be very dangerous because it can close the vision, even if the lens of the eye closes the vision will turn white like seeing a collection of clouds. Light rays enter the eye, pass through the cornea, then the aqueous humor passes through the pupil and into the lens. The lens deflects light rays to focus the retinal object. From there, the image passes through the retinal cell, to the optic nerve, and finally to the occipital brain to process the image. Most cases of cataracts appear in old age as a result of continuous exposure to environmental influences and other influences. Some things that can affect it are smoking, ultraviolet radiation, and increased blood sugar levels. In addition, cataracts can also occur complications in the form of bleeding in front of the eye (hyphae), and the release of the retinal layer of the eye (retinal detachment) due to cataract surgery or lens opacification. Some people can also feel glare after surgery for lens opacities or cataracts. Complications that can appear postoperatively are relatively low. But if cataract surgery or lens opacities have complications, then there may be a partial or total loss of vision.

Causes of cataracts
      There is no explanation of the causes of cataracts, because if it is mentioned because there are too many activities that use the eyes such as watching television, playing a smartphone, playing a laptop will only make the eyes become myopic. But according to some Doctors Cataracts often occur to the elderly. The decreased quality of the eye is accompanied by the ease of getting the disease. So that many patients over 50 years suffer from cataracts. Therefore, doctors recommend that you consume more carrots or apples. Increase consumption of vegetables and fruits that contain lots of Vitamin A.

Cataract Symptoms
      Cataracts usually form slowly and cause several symptoms until finally the light cannot pass through the lens. At that time it means that the eyes are completely unable to see. The most obvious symptom is that vision becomes cloudy, unclear because everything becomes faint white. You can look carefully at the eyes, usually there will be a white part on the eyepiece. In addition there are several other symptoms:
- Vision that is cloudy, blurred or foggy
- Long-distance vision worsens in the elderly
- Change in color viewing
- Can not distinguish old and young colors
- Problems with exposure to light during the day.
- There is a white part in the eye
If you feel strange in your vision, you should immediately consult a doctor to get early treatment and treatment.

Cataract Treatment
      If vision can be improved with glasses, maybe the doctor will prescribe glasses and can be considered the need for surgery. However, if vision loss cannot be corrected with glasses and cataracts interfering with daily life, patients need cataract surgery. In cataract surgery, cloudy lenses will be removed and replaced with clear plastic lenses. The surgery is usually done with a local anesthetic so that your eyes become numb. After surgery, doctors will generally recommend the use of two types of eye drops. Drops that contain antibiotics to prevent infection and contain steroids to reduce swelling.

     That's Information about Diseases, hopefully useful. For anyone who has the disease, they will get well soon. And for those of us who are healthy, always maintain health with regular diet and exercise. Hopefully all of us are always in good health and always happy. Thank you for visiting Next Siooon, don't forget the Bookmark (CTRL + D) to get other information from

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