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Know the Symptoms and Prevent Disease Narcissistic

Know Disease Narcissistic
Prevent Disease Narcissistic Information about Disease Narcissistic
Know the Symptoms and Prevent Disease Narcissistic
Prevention Is Better Than Treating, Know Symptoms of Disease Narcissistic

In this article Next Siooon will discuss about Disease Narcissistic, Information includes Understanding - Symptoms - And How to Prevent Disease Narcissistic.

Disease Narcissistic - Some people refer to this not as a disease but as a strange disorder. But some health sciences say that narcissism is a disease that can be cured. Narcissism is a personality disorder in which a person considers himself very perfect, most important, and feels he has advantages over others. The narcissistic word comes from a Greek myth where a handsome young man named Narcissus saw his own reflection in a pool of water and fell in love with him because he felt himself very handsome. Since then Narcissus has always boasted to others. It turns out that there are some people who feel that way and make it feel very perfect compared to others.

Get to know more about narcissism
      Ever had a friend who always prided himself, even beyond the limit. Like suppose he gets angry when someone praises others and feels himself better than that. And finally the person will insult others without seeing himself. That was really strange and could upset people around him. Confidence is good, but if it's excessive it will have a bad impact. And when examined the person will say honestly if he feels fragile and depressed, that's what makes him want to look confident in front of other people. That disease is called narcissism, if left unchecked the person will experience a mental disorder.
     Selfishness and pride are always inside every human being, but a narcissist has extreme selfishness and pride. Narcissists not only have excessive self-confidence, but also do not respect feelings or ideas and ignore others. Feeling himself the greatest and feeling the most right. That's when people around him will move away and avoid. Feeling alone, that's when narcissistic disease gets worse.

Symptoms of Narcissistic Disease
      This disease can attack normal, because it does not cause symptoms of pain. Therefore understand some of the symptoms of narcissism so that we can avoid these disorders. It's better to introspect yourself than to introspect others. Here are some narcissistic symptoms:
- Feeling weak and not getting attention when being alone
- Want to assert yourself to others
- Thirst for attention and admiration
- It's nice to be praised, even if it's compared to reality
- Exaggerating his talents and achievements but talking about other people's bad things
- Looking for other people's ugliness to prove themselves the best
- Always feel right and never want to listen to others
- Selfish, arrogant, and always wants to win alone
- hallucinations and fantasies if he is successful and gets world attention
Seeing some of these symptoms, of course we will stay away from people who have these traits. Because of course our lives will not feel comfortable if we have to be friends with such people. Of course the role of the family is very important to cure narcissistic sufferers.

Narcissistic Dangers
      Some people might be able to understand if someone has an overly arrogant and confident nature. But not everyone will be like that, maybe there are people who really hate him. Therefore, this disease should be cured immediately because it can be dangerous for sufferers.
- With his arrogant and arrogant attitude will certainly invite others emotions and anger. Worse, people will get revenge and mean evil.
- Patients will feel shunned and hated by many people so that they will be more moody
- Feeling stressed because many people are blasphemous
- Difficulty in adapting because wherever he lives certainly will always get enemies
- Long term mental disorders

Narcissistic Causes
      No one can mention Narcissistic Symptoms, but in theory this behavior arises when someone feels they cannot do anything. Feeling himself neglected, feeling the jealousy of other people who get the attention of many people. So he wants to be like that in a strange way. There are also those who claim that narcissism is caused by a painful past such as a breakup or divorce, which causes the process to rise from adversity in the wrong way. He felt that he was so valuable that he did not deserve such suffering. He will change himself by showing other people if he is more powerful.
Narcissistic Treatment and Treatment
       There is no specific cure for this disease or disorder, but by way of psychotherapy or an approach to the victim. The main goal is to build the trust of the victims and make them aware if what the victims have done is wrong. Giving enthusiasm and entertainment with Psychotherapy methods to cure victims. Parents or families of victims do not give excessive praise to please but have a negative impact. This is indeed not a disease, but if left unchecked it will be very dangerous.

     That's Information about Diseases, hopefully useful. For anyone who has the disease, they will get well soon. And for those of us who are healthy, always maintain health with regular diet and exercise. Hopefully all of us are always in good health and always happy. Thank you for visiting Next Siooon, don't forget the Bookmark (CTRL + D) to get other information from

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