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Know the Symptoms and Prevent Disease Kidney Failure

Know Disease Kidney Failure
Prevent Disease Kidney Failure Information about Disease Kidney Failure
Know the Symptoms and Prevent Disease Kidney Failure
Prevention Is Better Than Treating, Know Symptoms of Disease Kidney Failure

In this article Next Siooon will discuss about Disease Kidney Failure, Information includes Understanding - Symptoms - And How to Prevent Disease Kidney Failure.

Disease Kidney Failure - is a disease in which the kidney suddenly stops working, so that the body's toxins cannot be filtered. When the kidneys stop working, waste products and electrolytes will accumulate in the body. When the kidneys experience this condition, metabolic waste will continue to accumulate because it cannot be optimally secreted by the body. The condition of the body becomes abnormal and of course it will not feel comfortable. Usually, kidney failure occurs as a complication of other serious diseases and is generally suffered by parents or intensive care patients. The kidneys can experience acute kidney failure quickly in just a few hours. If not treated immediately, acute kidney failure can endanger the lives of sufferers. This disease is one of the most dangerous diseases in the world, because the first treatment is very important.

Causes of Kidney Failure
      There are several causes of kidney failure, including due to a sudden decrease in blood flow to the kidneys. Severe blood loss, injury, or bad infections can reduce blood flow to the kidneys. Not enough fluid in the body (dehydration) can also harm the kidneys. Kidney damage from several drugs, poisons, or infections. Most people don't have kidney problems because of drugs. But people who take long-term drugs have more potential than people who don't take drugs regularly. Excessive consumption of drugs can cause kidney damage quickly. Therefore, you should not take the medication too soon when you experience mild pain. Like when you have a headache, during a cold, when you cough, you can try to look for herbal medicines. Like drugs taken from plants or vegetables. Of course it will not have side effects, starting to keep your kidneys healthy.

Examples of drugs that can sometimes harm the kidneys include:
- Antibiotics, such as gentamicin and streptomycin.
- Pain medications, such as naproxen and ibuprofen.
- Blood pressure medications, such as ACE inhibitors.
- Dyes used in several X-ray tests.
In addition to drugs it turns out that foods containing preservatives also if consumed in the long run can result in kidney failure.

Diagnosis of Kidney Failure
       People with acute kidney failure usually complain of a decrease in the amount of urine released. Usually people who are aging will rarely or even urinate frequently. That is what is called kidney abnormalities. In addition to urine tests, another test that can be done is a blood test to check the levels of sodium, potassium and calcium. Sometimes, doctors also recommend doing an ultrasound. This imaging test allows the doctor to see the condition of the kidney as a whole. Scanning tests such as ultrasound can be used to look for causes of acute kidney failure, for example there is a blockage in the urinary tract system. Examination by taking part of the kidney tissue as a sample to be examined under a microscope (biopsy), is sometimes needed to determine the cause of acute kidney failure. The doctor's examination will be carried out continuously to make sure the patient has kidney failure or not.

Prevention of Acute Kidney Failure
      All people at risk for acute kidney failure must be monitored when they are sick or start new treatments. These people are advised to undergo blood tests and check urine volume regularly. Prevention of acute kidney failure is to avoid the use of drugs that are toxic to the kidneys. Avoid consuming alcoholic beverages and drink enough water to prevent dehydration. In addition, keep on running a low-protein diet. This is the right diet that is important to prevent complications. You may not eat fruits, chocolate, and nuts that contain potassium in the daily diet. If the kidneys don't work, high potassium levels can be dangerous for the heart. Begin to maintain a healthy diet so that exercise is one of the important things to maintain health.

Treatment of Kidney Failure
     The doctor will give the best to his patients, especially patients with kidney failure. Usually if you are still mild, you will be given medicine to cure. However, if it is acute, it will be encouraged to wash the blood every few times. It is intended that patients can survive. Waste in the body that is not normal will affect the blood so that the patient will feel uncomfortable in his body. Therefore dialysis is needed which will be scheduled by the Doctor. The role of the family is very important in maintaining patients and accompanying patients.

     That's Information about Diseases, hopefully useful. For anyone who has the disease, they will get well soon. And for those of us who are healthy, always maintain health with regular diet and exercise. Hopefully all of us are always in good health and always happy. Thank you for visiting Next Siooon, don't forget the Bookmark (CTRL + D) to get other information from

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