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Benefits of Carrot Vegetables for Health

Benefits of Carrot Vegetables for Health
Information on the Benefits of Carrot Vegetables

      This vegetable has a long shape with a larger upper and smaller down, has a bright orange color. This vegetable has a taste that is slightly sweet and tasty, can be processed into various dishes with a mixture of Chicken Meat or Beef. Carrot vegetables can be found in the Market or Minimarket at low prices.

     Carrots are very good for health because they have many nutrients and vitamins. The most content in carrots is water and carbohydrates. Carrots contain less fat and protein, but are rich in vitamins. One of them is vitamin A in the form of beta carotene. Another content of Carrot Plant is Biotin, one of the B vitamins that plays an important role in the metabolism of fats and proteins. Vitamin K1 is known as phylloquinone. It functions for blood clotting and can maintain bone health. Vitamin B6 plays a role in turning food into energy. Potassium is an important mineral in helps various body functions, as a source of energy and muscle strength, nutrition for the heart, also helps control blood pressure. The benefits of Carrot Vegetables are to:

1. Very Good for Eye Health
    Carrots are very good for children or adults because carrots contain Vitamin A which is good for eye health. Therefore, eating carrots is recommended especially for people who experience night blindness or night blindness. Giving carrots to children early, is a good step to prevent night blindness. Carrots are very good for keeping your eyes healthy and clean, besides having a sharper vision.

2. Other Benefits
    In addition to eye health, carrots can also reduce the risk of heart disease and cancer, because carrots are rich in carotene and are effective in protecting against several types of cancer, both prostate cancer, colon cancer, and stomach cancer. Can reduce high cholesterol levels which are risk factors for heart disease. Can reduce weight because it can be filling, thereby reducing calorie intake in the next meal.

     From various studies, there is no doubt that the benefits of carrots are very good for health because of the content of carotene and other nutrients in them. Eating carrots to meet the needs of vitamin A is highly recommended, compared to taking vitamin A supplements. High doses of vitamin A supplements should be consumed only with a doctor's recommendation. Consume carrots in your diet to get nutrients and vitamins in the body. Keeping better than cure, I hope we are all in good health.

     That is the benefit of Carrot Vegetables in the body, hopefully it is useful. See also the benefits of other vegetables for health. Thank you for visiting Next-Siooon (NS).

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