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Information about Bitcoin

What is Bitcoin? Advantages Bitcoin
Get to know about Bitcoin completely

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     For internet businesses, you must have heard or found out about Bitcoin, but you don't know in full about Bitcoin. You should know if Bitcoin is a digital asset developed in 2009 by someone with a pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto. This digital asset is like gold, but is only available in the digital world. Many say that Bitcoin is a type of Digital Money but has no form because it is only a digital code.

     Bitcoin is a type of Currency that has an increasingly large value, for 1 Bitcoin can reach $ 3,200 USD (Data based on December 16, 2018). This is what makes many people search for Bitcoin, there are many ways to generate Bitcoin. One of them is by way of Bitcoin Mining.

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     Besides having a big indigo, Bitcoin also has other advantages such as:
- Instant transfer to peer to peer.
   Fellow Bitcoin owners can send or receive money easily and instantly. In addition, the process is quite easy and can directly arrive without any pending process. This is what makes many users interested in finding Bitcoin.

- Transfer anywhere
   Unlike gold, Bitcoin can be sent anywhere in seconds, whenever and wherever you want. Shipping with Bitcoin can happen only with the capital of a smartphone and internet connection.

- The transfer fee is very small.
Shipping costs can be removed for free, but to speed up transactions, usually your Bitcoin wallet will cut costs. The cost is also very small, different from the type of money transferred through the Bank or Virtual Account.

- Very safe
   Bitcoin uses the Blockchain Database which is not controlled by any party, but is very open to the public, making it impossible for someone to falsify transactions on the Blockchain. All transactions are recorded live, transparent and spread to millions of servers. Those who want to change or fake the Bitcoin transaction data, must hack millions of servers at the same time.

    The place to store Bitcoin in the Bitcoin Wallet, can be accessed via Computer-Laptop or Smartphone.

Is Bitcoin Safe?
     Some people might think that the open source bitcoin system allows a hacker to break into the bitcoin system and publish a number of bitcoins for himself. In fact the Bitcoin system is very safe and tight, there isn't even a gap to break into Bitcoin. So you don't need to worry if your Bitcoin will be lost or stolen.

How do you get Bitcoin?
    Some ways to get Bitcoin like by doing Mining, the results of commissions from several advertising sites like PTC, or you can buy it. Many people collect Bitcoin to save and then sell. The value of Bitcoin continues to increase so many people choose to invest in Bitcoin.

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     That's information about Bitcoin, hopefully it's useful. Thank you for visiting.

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