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Earn Money or Bitcoin with Dent Coin on Smartphone or Tablet

Business Finding a Dollar or Bitcoin with Dent Coin
How to get money from Dent using a Smartphone

     For Smartphone or Tablet users there is one interesting and quite easy business, which is Koin Dent. Coin Dent was first made more than a year ago with the aim of creating tokens where users can buy and sell cellular data for a fraction of the cost they will buy from major cellular retailers such as AT & T or Verizon. Dent has changed from a good idea to a very useful product. Until now, many new users have joined and made money from Dent Coins. You can search Google Search Engine for proof of income from Coin Dent, it shows if Dent Coins are proven to pay all members.

     Dent is based in Hong Kong and currently available in more than 130 countries, has partnerships with more than 400 cellular operators, and has more than 5.8 million users according to their website and this number continues to grow. Coin Dent is currently available both as an application on Android / Iphone Tablets. Dent Coin also recently launched their ETHScanr application to follow each Ethereum address and get an update when this address accepts or sends any transaction. This is also available at the Iphone / Android store. Dent also has their Dent Swag shop if it interests you.

     The value of Dent's coins mainly comes from top-up data and trading of unused cell data. I know I've been in that situation at least several times where I can't even make phone calls or receive text messages because I'm out of data. This is very frustrating and even users with unlimited data will appreciate the ability to buy high-speed data top-up data with DENT coins or have their best friend send some Dent coins. Users can now buy top-up airtime data using a credit card, Paypal, or even Bitcoin, Bitcoin, ETH, or Litecoin money using Coinbase trade integration. Dent is currently an ERC-20 token that is still running on the blockchain Ethereum. Dent is currently available on several exchanges with the highest volume coming from Binance. In addition, the "Afterburner Dent" loyalty program will be given to users based on the number of Dents they hold in the application. Dent also has plans to launch Dent coin video calls. More information about the extensive Roadmap can be found on their website.

     If you are interested in raising money, you can visit the Dent website at: https://www.dentwireless.com/ good luck.

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