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Get to know the types Version of Windows Operating Systems Complete

Get to know the types of Windows Operating Systems
Microsoft Windows from the First to the Latest series

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      Windows is one of the operating systems used to operate computers or laptops, one of the products from Microsoft IT companies. With Windows we can use computers and laptops such as running programs, playing games, or you can also use tools on a laptop PC.
       But do you know? If windows has been around for a long time and has many versions. The development of the Windows version from the beginning until now. From the start of version 1.0 which may still be the first version to be released first, this post will discuss various types of Windows. Here are some types of Windows that are sorted by their appearance.

1. Windows 1.0
    Microsoft first launched Windows 1.0 in 1985, at that time not everyone understood computers. But this is the beginning where Windows emerged as one of the technological developments of that era. Windows 1.0 has many versions including:
- Windows 1.0.1 (November 1985)
- Windows 1.03 (August 1986)
- Windows 1.04 (April 1987)

2. Windows 2.0
      In 1987 Microsoft Corporation released Windows 2.0, in this version of Windows the market response was very good. That is because in Windows it can use Excel and Word which are used for Multitasking activities. Windows 2.0 also has many versions:
- Windows 2.0 (December 1987)
- Windows 2.10 (May 1988)
- Windows 2.11 (March 1989)

3. Windows 3.0
      Lapse of 3 years, Microsoft Corporation officially released Windows 3.0, this version is more flexible because it can run MS-DOS programs along with Microsoft Word and Excel. Some versions of Windows 3.0:
- Windows 3.0 (May 1990)
- Windows 3.1 (August 1992)
- Windows 3.2 (November 1993)

4. Windows For Workgroups
      Windows is an addition to Windows 3.1, but it plays an important role because in this version the network support is Peer-to-Peer and a better protocol stack. There are 2 versions of Windows For Workgroups:
- Windows for workgroups 3.1 dan Windows for workgroups 3.11 (1993)

5. Windows NT
      Dave Cutler who previously served as one of the leaders in Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC) then joined Microsoft Corporation and created Windows NT. This NT version of Windows has an increase in the 32-bit application programming interface (API) feature. Previously it only used the 16-bit API. For its version Windows NT has 3 versions:
- Windows NT 3.1 (July 1993)
- Windows NT 3.5 (September 1994)
- Windows NT 3.51 (May 1995)

6. Windows 95
      Windows 95 only supports DOS operating systems made by Microsoft, so if used on DOS operating systems not made by Microsoft it cannot be used. Microsoft increasingly limits its products that are used with other products. So it was created Windows 95 which can only be used by Microsoft Corporation products. Windows 95 has many versions:
- Windows 95 (August 1995)
- Windows 95 A
- Windows 95 B
- Windows 95 B USB
- Windows 95 C

7. Windows NT 4.0
    Next Windows NT 4.0 is a combination of Windows 95 and NT, because the display interface is like Windows 95 and but the kernel is like Windows NT. Windows NT 4.0 has several series:
- Windows NT 4.0 Workstation
- Windows NT 4.0 Server
- Windows NT 4.0 Server, Enterprise Edition
- Windows NT 4.0 Terminal Server

8. Windows 98
      In this version of Windows, Microsoft pays more attention to updates from previous versions, revisions to the FAT32 file system and better USB functions. Here are some versions of Windows 98:
- Windows 98
- Windows 98 Second Edition

9. Windows 2000
     Windows 2000, also known as Windows NT 5.0, includes an active directory feature, an enhanced device manager. Here is the version of Windows 2000:
- Windows 2000 Professional
- Windows 2000 Server
- Windows 2000 Advanced Server
- Windows 2000 Datacenter Server
- Windows 2000 Advanced Server Limited Edition
- Windows 2000 Datacenter Server Limited Edition

10. Windows ME (Millennium Edition)
        The Windows ME version is a Windows version that has multimedia, internet and system restore features that are better than the previous version. In Windows, there is also a Movie Maker that can be used to process an Image, Video, and Music into a movie / movie clip. Windows ME only has one series.

11. Windows XP
        One of the longest-running Windows uses because from 2001 to 2007 Microsoft did not release a new Windows. Windows is the most stable and lightest claim to use. Even now there are still many who use Windows XP on their computers or laptops. With a long time it is no wonder that Windows XP has many series:
- Windows XP Home Edition
- Windows XP Home Edition N
- Windows XP Professional
- Windows XP Professional N
- Windows XP Media Center Edition (MCE)
- Windows XP Media Center Edition 2003
- Windows XP Media Center Edition 2004
- Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005
- Windows XP Tablet PC Edition
- Windows XP Tablet PC Edition 2005
- Windows XP Embedded
- Windows XP Starter Edition
- Windows XP Professional Edition

12. Windows Vista
        After the year 2007 finally emerged a new Windows with the name Windows Vista, has many new features such as a user control account, Windows Aero GUI, Windows Calendar, Windows DVD maker, and available games, as well as the latest Internet Explorer browser that is safer and lighter to use. Series from Windows Vista:
- Windows Vista Starter
- Windows Vista Home Basic
- Windows Vista Home Premium
- Windows Vista Business
- Windows Vista Enterprise
- Windows Vista Ultimate

13. Windows 7
        In 2009 Windows 7 was officially released, has a jump list feature, taskbar, windows media player 12, internet explorer 8, a gadget, and is made lighter with a lower size compared to Windows Vista. As for the series from Windows 7:
- Windows 7 Starter
- Windows 7 Home Basic
- Windows 7 Home Premium
- Windows 7 Professional
- Windows 7 Ultimate
- Windows 7 Enterprise

14. Windows 8
        Microsoft Windows 8 is very different from the previous version, the interface display, the new start screen is colorful, faster and lighter. The features of Windows 8 are more numerous and there are lots of fast access and less ram usage. Windows 8 has many series including:
- Windows 8
- Windows 8 Pro
- Windows 8 Enterprise
- Windows RT 8

15. Windows 8.1
        Advanced from Windows 8 is equipped with the New Start button, booting directly to the desktop, lock screen and several new metro applications. Calculator (Modern UI), Alarm, Sound Recorder, Reading list, Food and Drink, and File manager updates. Here is the version of Windows 8.1:
- Windows 8.1
- Windows 8.1 Pro
- Windows 8.1 Enterprise
- Windows RT 8.1

16. Windows 10
        The newest version of Windows because this is the last series released by Microsoft Corporation, has a hybrid kernel type. Some improvements in Windows 8 and revisions to touchscreen users. Until now, Windows 10 has several versions:
- Windows 10 Home
- Windows 10 Pro
- Windows 10 Enterprise
- Windows 10 Education
- Windows 10 Enterprise LTSB

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Those are some types of Windows from the first series to the most recent, hopefully useful. Are you a Windows user? Which series have you used? 
Sorry if there was an error in writing.

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