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Tips for Improving SEO on Blogs

Tips for Improving SEO on Blogs
The best SEO guide for Blogs

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     What are the benefits of SEO? Is SEO important for Blogs? What does SEO have to do with Blogs? Maybe someone has ever asked? SEO or stands for Search Engine Optimization is a way that is used to increase visitors through Search Engines. This is very important for Blog or Website owners because with SEO it will be easily indexed in Search Engines and bring in many visitors. Suppose someone is looking for information about the history of a football club, a website or blog that appears in the first place the opportunity to visit compared to a website / blog below. There for SEO is very important to increase Blog visitors. In this article Next Siooon (NS) will discuss Tips for improving SEO on Blogs:

1. Mobile Friendly Blog Templates
     Not everyone accesses the Internet using a laptop PC, many people use smartphones / tablets online. Including when accessing your Blog, so make sure your Blog Template and Design are Mobile Friendly so it's convenient to use. Choose a template that can be accessed via Desktop or Mobile devices. This will improve SEO, because you will get visitors from Desktop and Mobile. There are several blogs that can only be accessed on the desktop, when opened on Mobile it has a large size or a bug occurs such as a long loading, the image is not open, the font size is too large / small.

2. Increase the Quality of Blog Articles
     Next is to maximize the contents of content and articles, such as by capturing images and videos. This will improve SEO because one of the most sought-after articles is articles with clear and complete information. As short and short articles can be improved by adding additional images or information. Also use the link to connect to other articles. So that when visitors finish reading, they are interested in other articles on the Blog. Also read: Benefits of backlinks for blogs

3. Avoid Duplicate Content
     There are many sites to avoid this such as CopyScape or DMCA, this is very important because if there is the same article then SEO will not be optimal. Even if you are not the one copying the article anyway because it will be considered as Duplicate Content. Tips for avoiding this are checks before creating articles with Copyscape and protecting your content from others using the DMCA

4. Use Article Descriptions
     The last is to use Descriptions in Articles like in Pictures or in Description feature, this is useful to make it easier for people to find your blog through keywords. Adjust to Title, Content, Content on Articles, some blogs that use Description or keywords will be easier to index on Search Engines.

    That's 4 Tips to improve SEO on your Blog according to Next Siooon (NS), hopefully it is useful and your Blog can be quickly indexed on Search Engines. Thus your blog will be busy getting visitors. Never underestimate SEO because this is one of the important things on Blogging.

Keywords: SEO, Tips to Improve SEO, SEO Optimization Ways, How to Increase SEO on Blogs, Tips for building SEO Blogs, Tips for SEO Friendly Blogs.
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