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How to register a Blog to the Google Search Engine

How to register a Blog to the Google Search Engine
Tips so that the Blog is indexed on Google Search

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     One of the hopes in the world of Blogging is that you can create a Blog that can be indexed in Google Search Engines. As is known if the Google Search Engine is one of the largest search engines in the World. That's because a lot of people access Google Search Engines when searching for information. Blogs that are listed on the Google search engine will be easier to get visitors, because people can find our Blog on Google Search Engines. So how do you get the Blog to be registered in the Google Search Engine?
1. Create Content and Content on a quality Blog
2. Increase SEO for Blogs
3. Register the Blog with the Google Search Engine

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    How do you register a Blog with the Google Search Engine? Next Siooon (NS) will tell you how to register a Blog to Google Search Engine.
Suggestion :
- Blogs have articles and content
- Original articles and content that are not considered SPAM
- Make sure you have a GMAIL account so you don't need to register and it's easier
   You can make it free

1. Open the web address then click Sign in to Webmaster Tools (If you have logged in to Gmail it will automatically enter).

2. Then enter by using Gmail email and fill in the password then click Sign.
3. Enter the address of the blog or website that will be registered then click ADD A SITE.

4. Your site has been added to your account, a blog has been added and for How to Submit a Blog Sitemap to Google Webmaster Tool can click Sitemap as shown below.

5. Look at the top right of the screen click ADD / SITEMAP TEST, type sitemap.xml in the box then click Submit Sitemap.

6. Wait for the submit process to be submitted to the Sitemap and then click Refresh the page.
    You can set up some of Google's Webmaster features, you can adjust it to what you want.

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     Now your blog has been registered with the Google Search Engine, increasing and adding content to the Blog to be more easily indexed. If your blog can be indexed on the main page of the search engine, your blog will get many visitors / traffic every day.

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