Types of Version Android from Firs Releasest to Latest Complete

Types of Android from First to Newest
Version Operating System Android Old until Latest

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      Gadgets or Smartphones currently use many Android-based Operating Systems, one of the best and easiest to use OSes. Until now Android continues to grow, but do you know if Android has many versions. And the version is named after the letters of the alphabet sequentially starting from the letter A. Let's look at the Android version from the initial launch to the latest version.

Until now Android is one of the System Operations found on a Smartphone or Tablet,

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1. Apple Pie / Alpha v1.0
     The first Android appeared and was introduced to the public around 2008 under the name Apple Pie. Released on September 23, 2008. This is the first and Beta version of Android as the operating system for Smartphones and Tablets.

2.Banana Bread v1.1
    The second is Banana Bread which was released in February 2009, first installed on one of the HTC branded Smartphones. There are several updates and updates compared to the previous version

3. Cup Cake v1.5
     Some additional features that are sophisticated in this version, this Android version began to hit the public and Android began to become a favorite of Smartphone users.

4. Donut v1.6
     Next to Donut Android, which was released in September 2009, fixes bugs in the previous version besides there are some additional features. Fast display compared to previous versions.

5. Eclair v2.0-2.1
     In this series there are Multi-Touch features and the addition of Bluetooth features on Android. Released in October 2009, available from version 2.0 which can be updated to version 2.1 on an Android smartphone or tablet.

6. Froyo/Frozen Yogurt v2.2
     In May 2010, Android released a new version called Froyo. But the explanation on the logo looks like Ice Yogurt. In this version Android integrates system operations with the Chrome browser on Smartphones and Tablets. In this version, browse the internet faster with the presence of the Chrome browser.

7. Gingerbread v2.3
     The next version comes with the Samsung platform that uses the Gingerbread Android Operating System. In this version Android's performance is faster, including when running applications. Fixes bugs and crashes in previous versions.

8. Honeycomb v3.0-3.2
     Released in February 2014, in this version there are many series starting from 3.0 then followed by 3.1 and 3.2. This version is mostly used on tablets but many smartphones use Honeycomb System Operations.

9. Ice Cream Sandwich v4.0
     Furthermore, Android version 4.0 provides multitasking and notifications that are better than the previous version.

10. Jelly bean v4.1.2
        Jelly Bean menjadi versi Android yang mendapatkan banyak update, pada versi ini tampilan Smartphone dibuat lebih elegan.

11. KitKat v4.4.2
        Android works in conjunction with one of the chocolate products, the Android version is used on several high-specification smartphones. There are many features that can be used on Smartphones or Tablets.

12. Lolipop v5.0
        This Android version provides more vibrant animations and colors, becoming one of the best Android versions because of its very stable and fast performance when running applications.

13. Marsmelow v6.0
        Before the release, a lot of people guessed that the 13th Android version was right on the letter M. Someone guessed the Milkshake, but apparently it was called Marshmellow. The latest features are on this version of Android.

14. Nougat v7.0
       The operation of the Android system is growing and more comfortable to use. In the Nougat version there are other new features including a split-screen screen when used multitasking, and the Doze feature, and supports Virtual Reality.

15. Oreo v8.0
        After previously having the Kitkat product name, this time Android also uses the name Orea. One food product that is very popular and is liked by many children throughout the world. But there are also those who call Android version O more simpl. Android Oreo was officially released on August 22, 2017.

16. Pie
        And the news circulated for the next series, Android Pie. Some information about the appearance and performance of Pie that will make it easier for users and help each user run their daily activities in using a Smartphone. Very much awaited for this Android Pie,

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That is some type of Android up to now and maybe there will be the latest version of Android. Let's wait, the good news from Android. What do you think ? Which of you have used Android?

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