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     There are many sites that offer Virtual Account services that can be used to receive or send money. Similar to an online bank that can manage and save money, of course this is very useful especially for online sellers and buyers. To register or make a Virtual Account is not difficult, because what is needed is an Email, complete Personal Data, and a Credit Card (if you have for Verification) but if you don't have a credit card you can still create a Virtual Account.
     In this post NEXT SIOOON will discuss the best sites that offer Virtual Account Services that can be used to buy and pay or receive money from all countries. It's very easy to use and until now there have been many who already have a Virtual Account. Here are the 5 best sites for Virtual Accounts,

1. Paypal
    First is Paypal, proven to be a safe and reliable Virtual Account provider site. Until now, Paypal already has customers in various countries. This site has the most users, this is because Paypal is very easy to use, easy registration methods, and small transaction costs.

2. Google Wallet / Google Pay
     The Google company creates a wallet or virtual account that can be used to receive and send money. How to register for Google Pay is very easy and send money instantly without having to wait.

3. Payoneer
    Next is the Payoneer site, if other sites only provide Virtual Account features. On Payoneer everyone who registers will get a Debit Card that can be used to withdraw money at the ATM. After registering, the user must fill in the home address that will be used as the Card delivery address.

4. Venmo
     Another virtual account provider site is Venmo, which has a more exciting appearance because it resembles Social Networking. Very easy to use, has the same features, namely to receive, send, or pay for online transactions. In addition, Venmo provides free transaction fees for each money transfer or withdrawal to a Bank Account.

5. Skrill
    Finally, Skrill which was originally used for online transactions on eBay, has now grown and has received payments to various Online Stores. Skrill accepts withdrawals of money to an ATM Card with the MasterCard logo, in addition Skrill does not charge withdrawal or shipping fees.

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That's 5 Online Bank Sites or providers of Virtual Accounts that can be used to store, receive, or send money instantly. If you are interested, you can start registering directly on the site, and it's all FREE.
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