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3 Mistakes made when blogging

3 Mistakes made when blogging
Things to avoid when building a Blog

 Three fatal errors in Blogging, Fatal Errors when creating Blog Content, Mistakes that must be avoided in the world of Blogging, Fatal errors in creating content on the Blog. Avoid these errors on the Blog, Problems with Blogs, How to Overcome various problems in the Blog.

     In addition to tips that must be done when Blogging (Creating Content or Articles), there are also some things that must be avoided when creating a Content or Article on a Blog. Some of these errors are not very good for your Blog. Because besides it will be difficult to be indexed in Search Engines, it will also be difficult to find Blog visitors. Some mistakes that must be avoided when building a Blog according to Next Siooon (NS):

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1. Not Knowing the Purpose of Blogging
    The most important thing is to know your original goal of creating a Blog, then look for the appropriate niche. By knowing the purpose, you will easily determine the content, blog content, and for what the Blog is. Suppose if your goal is to get money, then find a way to earn money from the Blog. Like Publisher Advertisements, you can see the requirements to join to become a Blog Publisher. Then you will know what content is good and is forbidden to be displayed on the Blog. Or the purpose of you creating a blog is to sell, then the content is related to the information of the products you sell. But there are also those who make blogs only for hobbies such as making a Blog as a Diary, sharing family stories, vacations, and various daily activities without hoping to earn money on the Blog. Make sure you know the main purpose of creating a blog so you don't get confused when you want to create content for the contents of the blog.

2. Making Content Not Interesting (Originally)
   Next is some Blogging is impatient, and wants to have a lot of content with the hope that there will be many visitors. But that is a big mistake because many visitors will see your content, whether it is interesting or the content is considered as Spam. A good blog has little but high quality content. For example, the original writing results are not copied from other articles, accompanied by pictures, interesting grammar.

3. Ignore Promotion and SEO
    Finally, you only focus on creating blog content and articles without regard to the blog promotion. When you create a content you should immediately promote it like to social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) with the hope that someone will read and visit your blog to read the article you just created. Sharing blog articles is easy and trivial but has many benefits.
     Included with SEO Optimization, such as registering an artike link to a Search Engine. Because the way Search Engines work is indirect, when you register a blog link it takes time to be indexed in the Search Engines. So it's best when finished creating the content immediately to register with the Search Engine.

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     That's 3 big mistakes that must be avoided when creating a content on a blog, hopefully by avoiding this error your blog visitors will increase. And become a blog that is in the top position in the Search Engines. Also read: Tips for Blogging Beginners

Keyword: Three fatal errors in Blogging, Fatal Errors when creating Blog Content, Mistakes that must be avoided in the world of Blogging, Fatal errors in creating content on the Blog. Avoid these errors on the Blog, Problems with Blogs, How to Overcome various problems in the Blog.

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